Raw and true Ceramics

Our workshop is driven by a great joy and love for ceramics. Making ceramics is like a personal handwriting. Every single handmade item, whether functional art or unique works, has its own unique spirit because it is made with love, care, and carefully selected materials.

Best Regards
Gitte and Aage Einshøj Würtz


Aage Würtz Keramik is a small two-man workshop where everything is handmade. In addition to our unique works and our functional art collection, we also carry out special tasks on request.

In addition, we hold a number of courses for both professionals and those who have the craft as a beloved hobby.

Functional art

We have created a collection of “raw” and “real” functional art. that in its simplicity, lasts over time. The recurring design is the paradox between the outer natural sintered clay combined with the expressive inner unique glazes.

Functional art should be used and the high-fired material can withstand daily use, including the oven and dishwasher.

One of a kind

The simple forms are layered with stable glazes, but the peace must and will be disturbed by unstable glaze elements. A delicate balance is struck between the familiar dullness and the necessary chaos.

The dream is every day to create the perfect pot and to experience the magic in the beautiful chance.

- Gitte & Aage Würtz

Who are we?

We are driven by a love for the art of ceramics. The driving force is the dream of creating the “perfect pot”. After a long search, it has yet to be found, but occasionally its proximity is felt.

We seek to work tirelessly to bring our ceramics to life. When the right form is found and can be felt, it is a privilege to be a ceramist and live in clay. The right form is found in repetition, but a repetition where we are open to the new “now” each time.

We search for the quiet form that does not require explanation. Silence is necessary to carry our expressive glazes, which can be noisy or loud.

We find beauty in the paradox between controlling the form and surrendering to the necessary chaos in the glazing process.

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